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mHELP! may become absolutely necessary!

(I may accept an extended engagement with a long-time YARDI client who is acquiring some distant properties, necessitating extended time in motels or corporate apartments out-of-state.  In fact, I may be back only a couple of days every couple of weeks - just long enough to pay MY invoices and prepare, mail and collect YOUR invoices!  Don't worry; I won't forget the latter...)

And it will be available AT A REDUCED SUPPORT RATE OF $60 PER HOUR!

Billing Increments

1-2 minutes:  no charge (so I have time to say that I'll call you back when I'm back in my office or off the highway),
3-4 minutes:  0.05 hour (3 minutes, 3 bucks),
5-7 minutes:  0.10 hour (6 minutes, 6 bucks),
and so on.

NOT UNTIL THREE MINUTES IS REACHED, am I on the clock.  After that, each three minute increment includes the minute before and the minute after.  In other words, a 4:00 call, identified on my Cingular Wireless bill as 4 minutes, is billed as 0.05 hour.  A 4:01 call, identified as 5 minutes, is billed as 0.10.

Unlike most, IF NOT ALL OTHER, software support services, I invoice to the nearest billing increment, not necessarily the next highest, once an increment is exceeded.  Unfortunately, because mobile phone companies round up to the next minute (they may have learned this trick from software support service companies), the mid-point between 3-minute periods is at 34.67% instead of 50.00%.  Since that 30 second "no-man's-land" in the middle minute is only 1/6 of each 3 minute increment, you'll fall in that zone only 16.67% of the time...but you're being billed at 33.33% less than regular eHELP! 100% of the time!

Sorry for "more information than you needed."  Half of the time, I'm saying how good the deal is, but the other half of the time, I'm apologizing for it not being completely free!  (Did you catch that "good deal, but not free" subliminal message?)

The Fine Print

1. My mobile number is NOT toll-free - but it's not free for me, either.
2. My mobile number is available to existing clients only, merely for the asking.
3. ALL calls will be invoiced as mHELP! without narrative (unless I grow a third hand), regardless of reason for, or result of, call.
4. I will probably not have your data with me and perhaps no access to the YARDI program at all.
5. I may not be able to pick up or return your call immediately because I am driving or with a client.
6. Contrary to the "old me," the "new, even older, me" does lunch at lunch and NOT support calls, unless there is time.
7. If you call from a number that does not identify itself, you must leave a message for a return call.

And I'll have phone, phone, phone,

until GMAC takes my HHR away!

Call me today at (866) TED ZECK for my client-only mHELP! number!